01.08.2009 :: Having some time for myself... at last!

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After 2 weeks of setteling in and working on projects at UCOL I had time for myself for the first time here. This slot of time I used to go to the seaside with students colleges for a couple of hours by doing a camp fire, going up and down the shore and being impressed by the pacific sea. It was the same feeling of being once with all around like I had when I was first time at the Mediterranean sea.
A day after I went through Wanganui by collecting impressions of the city and having an afternoon out on the tiles. I haven't done that for so long time...
Then I decided to go up to the "Elevator" where Christoph was some days ago. What an amazing feeling, you can see as far as the sea after climbing up 377 steps... but look for yourself!



New Zealand
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Looks like you guys have a

Looks like you guys have a nice time down there! Hope to hear some fresh news soon :D