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01.08.2009 :: Having some time for myself... at last!

After 2 weeks of setteling in and working on projects at UCOL I had time for myself for the first time here. This slot of time I used to go to the seaside with students colleges for a couple of hours by doing a camp fire, going up and down the shore and being impressed by the pacific sea. It was the same feeling of being once with all around like I had when I was first time at the Mediterranean sea.
A day after I went through Wanganui by collecting impressions of the city and having an afternoon out on the tiles. I haven't done that for so long time...

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26.07.2009 - Running through the city

It was a really nice Sunday so I took my digital camera with me while a was running a little bit through the town ...

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20.07.2009 - First day in School

Today was our first real day in school. We went there in the morning to finally fix the enrolment issues and to get our student id cards.

The first course was “Typography in Motion” at 1 o’clock. It was not what I expected but I think the course could be much cool. Courses or “Classes” last here 3 hours with a small break during the lesson.

At 4 o’clock P.M. was “Advanced 3D Modeling” our second and last course for today. I think I am starting to like AutoDesk Maya – the software we are using - again, because the lecture – Michael Wong – is quite good.

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17.07.2009 :: Going Out In Palmerston North

Sean and Graham (2 other students of UCOL) picked me up spontaniously for going out in Palmerston North aka. Palmy.
There we met Johnson who is a friend of Graham and who already was exchange student at the FH Hagenberg in summersemester 2007... what a coincidence!

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15.07.2009 :: Scouting Wanganui Area

We've been here vor estimated 2 hours and met two guys from USA at Close Quarters (where we live) with whom we started an exploration tour through Wanganui Area.

The two guys called Sam and Jeff are nice ones but typical americans: they belive that in 1969 americans were really on moon and they didn't know that Budweiser is a Czech beer.... oh dear!

Our tour stopped about 3km outside the city at Virginia Lake which is perfect vor jogging and angering swans. Absolutely beautiful although it's winter... by +10°C .


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15.07.2009 – via Sydney over Auckland to Wanganui City

After another 2 hours of flight by an Air Bus 380 (meal included) we reached Auckland at 3 o’clock P.M. (New Zealand local time).

We had to hurry up because the last plane was 2 hours late. We only had 30 minutes to get to the domestic terminal and to check in at the Air New Zealand counter.

The airplane was really small – especially if you compare it with an Air Bus 380. Our last plane which brought us from Auckland to Wanganui was a Beach 1900D with space for 18 passengers.

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15.07.2009 :: Dubai

After 8 hours off an convient flight we arrived at half past 7 in the morning the airport of Dubai. Depending on the chosen Time Zone, because in Austria it was still half past 5.

We had nothing to do on the airport because even our luggage was transfer by our air line. After 3 hours we entered the second plane - a huge Air Bus 380 with space for 800 people. It was the biggest plane I have ever seen.

The next 14 hours we spent with sleeping, watching new movies - and eating. I think we got 5 meals during the flight.

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14.07.2009 :: A Journey starts ...

On Sunday 12th of July 2009 we left Austria heading up to New Zealand. We reached the Airport of Munich by car at 8 o'clock P.M.

After the check in we waited at the "Erdinger Weißbeer" beer garden for our flight. We met two Austrian women also travelling to New Zealand.

The plane started half past 10 o'clock P.M. I think it was an Air Bus 330. We got something to eat and then I fall asleep ...

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